Midwife in Skype

Midwife in Skype


The service Midwife in Skype consists on a "face to face" comunication with our midwife through this videoconference service.

Depending on at what stage you commence using this service the midwife will be able to give you advice during your pregnancy, help you know if the mum to be is going into labour, if, some times something you may not consider very important is a reason to go to the hospital or solve any doubts about the baby or feeding (breast or bottle) amongst other things.

The service is available between 9:00 and 21:00 hrs in 15minutes long consultations.

When you book any of our services you will receive a code, in the confirmation email, with which you will have free access to this service for 3 months.

If after the free period you decide to continue having the service Midwife in Skype available to you (you can use the service up until 1 month after your baby's delivery) or if you do not want any of our other services but you would like to access this one get in touch with us, for only 50 euros you will have free access to the service for 3 months from the date of first use.

When you decide to start using Midwife in Skype get in touch with us indicating Midwife in Skype and your access code or Midwife in Skype and "new" if you have not booked any other service so we can explain how to activate it and how does it work.


IMPORTANT: This service is of NO use in those situations requiring immediate and on site assistance.